About Us

We are the Harrison Family. We own and farm Harrison's California Chestnuts orchard in Gridley, California. Our father, Paul Harrison was an avid farmer with a dedication to sustainability. We continue his vision for the land with great passion. It's a labor of love we share through the generations of our family. 

Let our family be your family's chestnut connection.

Sandy Roasting ChestnutsSelling chestnuts

Kid serving fresh whole chestnutsChestnuts 101

Flavio working Chestnut Orchard

It's not all work and no play... buzzing around can be all out Nuts!

Youngster on Chestnut Cart

 Chestnut Farm Fun

Our trees thrive in the rich, river loam soil of the Feather River Basin and produce beautiful, sweet chestnuts year after year. The nuts are harvested in September and October each year. During the harvest, nuts are available fresh and direct from us - the farmer.

We're nuts about Chestnuts!

Chestnut tree with burrs

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