Family Owned & Family Farmed

Harrison's California Chestnut orchard is located in Gridley, California. Our trees thrive in the rich, river loam soil of the Feather River Basin and produce beautiful, sweet chestnuts year after year. Let our family be your family's chestnut connection. 

Family Farmed Fresh Chestnuts
Family Farmed Fresh Chestnuts

Nuts in Action

Watch our video to hear about harvesting chestnuts.

For the Love of Chestnuts


From our farm to your hands.

Our nuts are harvested in September and October each year. During the harvest, nuts are available fresh and direct from us - the farmer.

We grow the COLOSSAL, SILVER LEAF and NEVADA varieties of chestnuts - praised for their large size, sweet flavor and ease of peeling.

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Not just for roasting on an open fire.

Chestnuts can be cooked in many different ways - roasted, boiled, microwaved. Unlike other nuts, they should be cooked. And, they are perishable. Refrigeration or freezing is necessary to preserve the freshness of the chestnut. They can also be dried and reconsitituted similar to mushrooms.

Cooking Instructions


Make the ordinary taste extraordinary.

Adding a gourmet twist to the sweet or savory, chestnuts can be added to every day dishes or just eaten whole.

They can be chopped, diced, pureed, dried and even frozen for future consumption.

Chestnut Recipes


The 'Un-Nut' you will love to eat.

What you know about nuts nutritionally, is different when it comes to chestnuts. Chestnuts are low in fat and calories. Yet they are still rich in flavor and full of healthy nutrition, same as their nut cousins.

Gluten Free.

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For the Love of Harvest


Each September we anxiously await the chestnut harvest.

As the trees become heavy with nuts and the branches bend with the weight of the burrs, we watch for the early signs that the harvest is bursting to begin. When we see the burrs begin to turn slightly brown, we know the nuts will be dropping soon. Some burrs open and drop the nuts on the orchard floor, others stay in the burr as it drops. 

We take pride in the stewardship of our orchard and the labor to harvest.


To preserve quality we pick up the nuts and burrs daily.

Reducing the time that our nuts spend on the orchard floor helps reduce exposure to the elements, especially the hot California sun which can cause excessive drying and/or sunburn.

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