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Located in the rural town of Gridley, California, our orchard thrives in the nutrient-rich river loam soil of the Feather River Basin. Here, we nurture beautiful chestnut trees that consistently produce exquisite and sweet chestnuts year after year.


Fresh chestnuts

From our farm to your hands

Annually, our meticulous nut harvesting takes place in September and October, ensuring that you receive the freshest nuts directly from our farm. We specialize in cultivating the Colossal chestnut variety, celebrated for its remarkable size and delightful flavor.

Fresh roasted chestnuts, how to cook chestnuts

Not just for roasting on an open fire

Discover the versatile ways to prepare chestnuts, from roasting and boiling to microwaving. Unlike many other nuts, chestnuts must be cooked to enjoy their unique flavor and texture fully. Keep in mind that chestnuts are perishable, requiring refrigeration or freezing to maintain their freshness. Alternatively, you can also choose to dry them for later use, much like reconstituting mushrooms.

Cooking Instructions
Roasting chestnuts, fresh chestnut recipes, how to cook chestnuts

Make the ordinary taste extraordinary

Elevate your culinary creations with gourmet chestnuts, a versatile and delicious ingredient. Whether you want to add a touch of sophistication to your favorite recipes or savor them as a snack, these gourmet nuts are a delightful choice. Explore their endless possibilities – from chopping, dicing, and pureeing to drying and freezing – for future culinary delights.

Chestnut Recipes
Chestnut nutritional information compared to other nuts

The 'Un-Nut' you will love to eat

Unleash the Goodness of Chestnuts: Low-Fat, Low-Calorie, and Gluten Free Snacking At Its Finest!

Nutritional Facts


We take pride in the stewardship of our orchard and the labor to harvest.

  • Chestnut Tree Orchard Daily Inspection

    Each September we anxiously await the chestnut harvest.

    As the trees become laden with nuts, and the branches gracefully bow under the weight of the burrs, we eagerly anticipate the early indicators of an impending harvest. When we observe the burrs taking on a subtle brown hue, we recognize that the nuts will soon begin to drop. While some burrs open and release the nuts onto the orchard floor, others retain the chestnuts within as they fall.

  • Chestnuts on tree, chestnut tree, chestnut burrs, fresh chestnuts

    To preserve quality we pick up the nuts and burrs daily.

    Minimizing the duration our nuts spend on the orchard floor is crucial for limiting their exposure to various environmental factors. This is especially important in sunny California, where the intense sun can lead to excessive drying and potential sunburn of the chestnuts.

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